Am i a Fat teen?

I cannot tell if i am butter or not imean i check the bm scale and i am a tough weigt and i feel decent but why do i not have a six pack i hear that evrybody has one they in recent times have to not be overweight?? I am not over shipment but i do not have a six pack and it looks close to i do have some body corpulent ,,How do you tell if your frontage is fat or not do you sqeeze on it and see if you can get the impression fat or bone--I am really confused right presently i am a healthy shipment but i somehow steel have body chubby and i cant tell if my frontage is fat or not But i do hold a picture and all you teen girls out near

Please tell me what you mull over and what i can do to make myself hold a six pack and loose this extra fat i niggardly I am 6,2 and weight 172 which is supposed to be a well weight but i dont know and cannot bring up to date?? herses my pic

dude ...don't get stuck in that are a great consignment for your size.a sis pack comes from working out.
I think you look are not corpulent at all.
noo your definatly not fleshy.. your like average.
within order to seize a 6 pack you need to do sit ups and stomach crunches . no you dont look grease
Ur kidding right? I'm one and the same height, and 10 lbs heavier, and am still considered skinny. I work out adjectives the time and don't have a six pack. Hit the gym beside some heavy weights, u'll be fine.
you are without blemish fine! the medias idea of a nonfat body is an contaminated one.I think you look great, so dont verbs about you freight...and besides, its probably because you are so tall =) No worries, your not tubby.
You are fine. Your face is purely roundshaped---you are not fat whatsoever. For 6'2", 172lbs is on the lower side if you ask me... Plus, whoever told you that adjectives skinny people ahve six pack? LoL!
Actually you're a skinny guy. Which is fine...6 packs are genetically base and most people near more muscle will have them.

Your not eat. Your still fundamentally young and the finishing thing you should do is verbs about consignment. Eat...have outside. You want six pack gain muscle and build the foundation for it. Your childlike...give it time.
Wow thats not true surrounded by order to see a six pack you if truth be told have to hold a lower percentage of body fat next recommended to be healthy BTW 6 pack are over rated the lone person that care is the person who have em
you are not fat.. dont return with caught up within the way this other girls look contained by magazines, and not every one have a six pack. if you want ur abbs more firm or a six pack then lately try some sit ups, u're just fine
u are soooooooo not tubby.
you're perfectly fine!
of late try some sit ups! do u c the overweight? cause i dont c any
your not podgy and if you need to draw from a 6 pack then you of late need to do ab excersizes to set down your stomach.
nope. u look fine.

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