A query for women near smelly foot.?

Ok, so you have smelly foot (and for now let just assume they're pretty). Say you be dating this guy and eventually found out that he had a entry for pretty feet (a foot fetish) and that he like your feet and the method the smelled. Would you allow him to smell and massage your foot every now and next if he asked? Or would the fact that he found your foot arousing and liked their smell a huge turn stale? Or would you find it refreshing that someone actually like something about you that you be maybe selfconscious of until presently?

Hmmm..thought this over again... no way!

My foot are way to stinky to be enjoy by anyone!
feet are of late gross, end of story.
If the foot are smelly she most likely have an infection or fungus and needs to see a doc. If you be concerned about her at adjectives you would help her correct it and put your foot fetish aside surrounded by the interest of helping her.
i wouldnt care anymore probably because you realize that feelign in a relationship where on earth stuff just isnt really embarrasing anymore. but i really resembling feet as long as here clean, solitary nasty foot are nasty!! ;)
I say aloud whatever turns you on...race are attracted to many things and who am I to read out they are wrong. I like men's hand...of course they are cleaner than foot but whatever...:)
I can already convey this is a not a hypothetical question and you delight in rubbing other womens smelly feet. If you similar to her feet so much and want to stop later break up and find a good girl who doesnt enjoy pretty feet you don't want to rub or you can slap yourself everytime you want to rub her foot.
It is possible that she doesn't have smelly foot, you just similar to the way they smell.This may nouns strange but there are frequent many guys, who approaching to smell and touch womens feet. I own never seen this explained but I own seen it demonstrated. I don't know what to narrate you. Most women are grossed out about this so it is better to hold on to some fetishes to yourself unless you and your girlfriend grow close satisfactory that you can talk nearly it.
Well feet do nil for me. They're not ugly, they're not pretty ---they're only just there lol. But if you love it, travel ahead!
If they stink it is weird but it's ok it they are verbs.
I have found that if I wear colored socks my foot stink but if i wear white socks my feet don't sweat as much and own less smell to them
I would consent to him massage away - relish surrounded by the relaxation! It would be hard to overcome the embarassment you touch but hey, it's a free foot massage! I would also find it refreshing that someone like something about me even though I be self concious.
if you are comfortable with his attraction to your foot then tolerate him however if you are not tell him i have exactly the same problem i wouldnt even remove my shoes or socks but immediately thanks to my beloved i own come to terms near it the feet are one of the most sensual part of the pack of the body and if he wants to worship them i see no problem . at the wind up of the day it is up to you .
chitchat to him about your mental state.

p.s did you know that having smelly foot is a sign of good condition it shows that your body can get rid of its own toxins in need help from meds or other treatments.

i hope this help you in some process

just know that you are not alone plenty of women own smelly feet they lately dont all accept it.
If he has a fetish for foot, then probability are it's not just your foot he's digging a fetish is a fetish and it won't stop at your feet simply. Get on some where next to your nasty fetish.
Just what until he kisses them or lick or sucks your toes You will travel crazy! I love to receive foot fetish even though I do not give it contained by return.
I would like the reality that someone liked the smell of my foot funky or not. I would defintly try some over the counter meds for the odor. When iam all sweaty and i want a hip bath my husband always no come on let's take home love before you shower. He like my natural smell.I also hear on some talk show i imagine Dr. Oz on Oprah say that when those espically men are in love the naturls smells are attractive, even musk!

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