"Female" problem - yeast infection?

Please respond especially if you are a medical professional as I cannot be seen by the gynecologist until Monday.

I will chronicle my symptoms and tell me if this is a yeast infection:

--first notice white discharge
--next, itching and swollen vulva on one side
--after that, burning when I urinate
--swelling on vulva seems to hold two tiny white bumps now that are scratchy when I pee
--foul odor

I started taking acidopholus pills today (took 2 so far) and how long will it take for these to work if it is a yeast infection?

it sounds similar to a bacterial infection and the doctor will give you flagyl or clindamycin to take out the bacteria for the infection. Acidophilus pills will lift awhile to work. Get over-the-counter azoles (Clotrimazole works best) at the moment. Continue to take Acidophilus pills. You are doing the right item by taking acidophilus pills continue to clutch them. Please don't hesitate to budge to the emergency room if it becomes progressive. I know it's humiliated. The reason why I believe it's a bacterial infection is because you enjoy a swollen vulva and two tiny bumps that are painful. That's an indication explicitly bacterial. If it gets self-conscious please don't hesitate to stir to the emergency room. And it also might be a uti, in which valise he/she will give you the right antibiotic. Drink Cranberry pills and chomp through Activia.
the symptoms sound resembling it, but they tiny white bumps concern me. I've never had them near a yeast infection. they make otc anti-itch cream for vaginal nouns as well as wipe and yeast infection medicine that may provide nouns
get to doctor directly, serious
I usually mix plain organic fluent yogurt with 2 acidophiles pills and grasp relief when I quality a little discomfort, a few of those symptoms nouns like a bladder infection or a bacterial infection. If you're seeing the doctor Mon. don't douche simply treat the outer area beside some anti-fungal cream.
Sound like a yeast infection, but check beside doc to be for sure...to cure the itching try apple cider vinegar
yep. get some anti itching cream and the 3 morning treatment from one of those yeast infection kits. within are kits that distribute you anti itching cream with the 3 hours of daylight treatment. if you cant find it, get some anti itching cream (like aveeno) but not aveeno, bring back it with hydrocortizone.
The same article happened to me when i wipped from hindmost to front by accident. It hurt similar to hell to pee because there be bacteria cause an infection. I put some cream up there and it be like instant nouns. Try not to itch because its gonna get worse and its gonna hurt to sit down for a while. Quickly draw from the cream! if it doesnt go away, you might enjoy a uti which you'll have to acquire antibiotics for.

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