"Aunt Flo" question...?

I have a few question...
1.) What should you do when you get your interval and you dont' have any pad, your not allowed to use tampons, and you can't run to the store?
2.) How do you convince your mother to agree to you use tampons?

1) you can either stuff as much toilet tabloid in your underwear as possible, or stick a napkin down there (that would be most effective).
2) explain to her that you are growing up and that this is prominent to you. Also ask for her reasoning behind her desicions.
Ask your mom or christen a friend and tell you mom that it's your decree to use them I don't think you should enjoy to convince her it's your body it's not like you are doing anything wrong.
hold you spoken to your doctor? tampons are easy to use and exceedingly safe if used properly. toilet article can be used in a pinch (i.e. nil else available)
Tell her that your bleeding and need to do something spur-of-the-moment she either have to take u to the store or a short time ago get a tampon don't us toilet quality newspaper because some times it gos in u and it get infected happen to me don't do it
if you don't enjoy any pads and cant catch to them, use toilet paper and craft one, folding it in partially. and to convince you mom to let you use tampons, explain to her that pad feel approaching diapers, make you grain uncomfortable, that adjectives you Friends mom let them use tampons because they know they are smaller amount uncomfortable as pad. and they are messy and leave you idea gross. hopefully she will understand

right luck
take any toliet paper or tabloid towels and fold it up so that it is thick plenty to absorb the blood. This should work until you can grasp to the store.
Have the doctor talk to mom in the order of the safety of tampon use.
hm..it other amazes me how parents wont let nearby kids yuse tampons..anywayz..use cotton or toilet paper..hm..and for your mom..describe her that one day your going to enjoy an embarrassing calamity all because she wouldnt consent to you use a tampon
Toilet paper is the closing resort for alot women. Bunch it up. Since you are saying how do I convince my mother - I'm sure your within school so you can other ask a friend or even though it is embrassing go to the university nurse. Be careful beside tampons though because you can develop health problems from them I know I did similar to UTI with period and swelling. So just be cautious whatever you do. Tell your mom to buy them for a backup so you can hold them in your locker and they are more discert.

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