After taking Norethisterone for a week to rearrangement term, will it be heavier than mundane when it comes on?

Just wondered if taking norethisterine 5mg 3x daily from days 25 for a week will effect the resulting period to be heavier/lighter same as usual? a short time ago wondered what people who'd used it own found please

Yes, it can be, but it could be lighter in some ancestors. In my experience it is more likely to be a moment or two heavier.

Basically, if you delay menstruation, later it may allow a further build up in the facing of the womb, which leads to heavier bleeding when the medication is stopped.

Some women certainly use the oral contraceptive pill to do this in a slightly different approach - instead of having a break (and a bleed) every month, they cart it contiuously for three months before have a break.

This should only be done near the agreement of your doctor, as some pills have different dosages at different times of the month, and cannot be used within this way.

If you hold period problems, after herbal medicines can be extremely adjectives in helping to sort them out, but do wish the support of an experienced practitioner rather than trying to do it alone.
my daughter have used this twice, as she wanted to deferment her period for a holiday, she come on within a hours of daylight of stopping and had a everyday period both times hope thats a assist to you.

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