A interview for mothers?

It's been a year since my wife have our second child and she has snaped right backbone into shape. At 5'5" and 115 pounds she only weigh 10 more pounds than she did when we got married. She have only a remarkably few stretch marks and her boobs own sagged for a while due to breast feeding both kids. I judge she looks better than she did before kids, ya know more hips for a time bigger butt, great stuff to me. I tell her adjectives the time how beautiful and sexy she is. Here's the problem. She won't wear a bathing suit, won't wear longera(I know it's spelt wrong, sorry) She won't even tolerate me see her naked surrounded by the light unless I sneek a peer. So besides telling her adjectives the time how sexy I think she is what else can I do to form her love her body as much as I do? She says I convey her she's hot because I'm her husband and that doesn't count.

I understand what she's going through. I surface the same style about my body. I own two kids.
I'm petite and everyone "thinks" I'm happy b/c I "look" so great after have to kids. But the truth is I feel ugh. I in recent times recently started wearing a bathing suit again. I consider the reason I did is b/c my boyfriend knock some sense into me when we were at the sand. He made me take a look around and look at the females wearing bathing suits. Some be a perfect 10 and some be well let's read out not so much the 10!
This is a hard one. But I of late suggest you ALWAYS remind your wife how beautiful she is. Buy her a pretty hours of darkness gown that makes her be aware of sexy and isn't kinky. The more she feels sexy the more kinky she might want to be! :)
Take it slow see what happen.
sounds like she wishes to talk to a counselor. she sounds close to she has no self confindence anymore. Sometimes after have kids we do this kind of article. we think we dont look apt anymore and it brigs us down.
You must be hurt hearing what she said. You are her friend and lover too, not single husband and she should not take your praise for granted. Tell her this. You hold to convince her that you are not lying. A short vacation next to plenty of time for two of you will help.
Its a woman entry. After I had my daughter I become so insecure about my body its crazy. I guess adjectives you can do is keep recounting her how beautiful she is and you dont consideration about anything thats changed roughly her body because it came from her have your kids which is a even more beautiful item. You can also show her pictures of people whose bodies get really bad afer have a baby and that she should be grateful its not that impossible. I got desperate stretch marks, not here over flab on my stomach AND my boobs got SMALLER than they be before I get pregnant after I stopped breastfeeding! Sooooo she should be happy!
I am a mom of 3 children I be a decent size formerly having them (5'4", 120, 38C) and I immediately weigh 160-162 pounds, with breasts that sink due to breastfeeding as well but I enjoy never been self conscious in the region of my weight or body imitation and I attribute that to my own self confidence. I know that I am beautiful inside first afterwards out even more so because I am a woman who has birthed 3 children. Perhaps your wife wants to see her true beauty and know her worth past she can accept anyone else seeing it.
I enjoy to commend you on feeling this passageway. Not all husbands similar to extra baggage. Honestly 115 lbs is on the scrubby side. I'm an inch taller, and I weigh 60 more lbs, so I have even more to love! :)

I would right to be heard to SHOW her more that you find her sexy, instead of telling her. I know that may be confusing. Women close to to feel sexy. You could bring her some flowers, cards, etc. Plan a romantic get-away.

Maybe she wants some new clothes to accentuate her spanking new shape. If she finds it hard to find unsullied "mommy" clothes, it could depress her, so let her turn with her friends to find something nice.

Caress her. Kiss her. Tell her she's superb. She needs to hear it, even if she tell you it doesn't count. She is listening.

Take her out and show her bad. Tell her that the men are checking her out, even if they aren't. It will make her surface sexy.
Ya know...I went thru that not inkling sexy mode for a long time...I've not been as tiny as your wife is surrounded by years (since high school). It's be three years since my youngest was born...and I still won't wear a bathing suit lol

Anyway...really the solitary thing you can do is in recent times support her. Now that the baby is a year ripened, have a romantic weekend away if you own grandparents closeby. I just kinda "snapped" out of it. My husband only paid the compliments...bought me a couple of pretty items...and showed me attention that I needed. Try to hold a date night at smallest once a month...just for the two of you...I know it's frozen cause of finding sitters...but you two requirement your time out. That helped me quality more like a wife again and not so stressed and worried roughly speaking my gut and C section mutilation from my kids. Kinda felt resembling we were support in time...previously the kids when I felt super sexy to my hubby.

That's what worked for me!
She wishes a confidence boost. Take her out to a nice dinner and a movie.
Having kids is a wonderful thing, but can generate a women feel mixed ambience about her unusual post pregnancy body. You can tell her a million times that she's lovely, but she won't listen if the confidence isn't there.
Be tolerant and she'll eventually come around to accepting her new shapier body.
You nouns like a right husband and she should be grateful to have you.

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