Acne, oh boy.?

Does anyone know a good acne cream for a 12 year older girl? or does soap and water work economically?

also, how do you get rid of the blackheads or anything they're called contained by your ears? they hurt!

I use a pretty expensive line in a minute. When I was younger I used Clearasil though and it seem to help me. I don't believe I ever got black head in my ears. But you obligation to make sure you hose your ears good next to a wash cloth, really bring back in near and scrub them. All black heads are is cloged pours.
i used noxema...blackheads contained by your ears...not sure i dont think i ever get
Try Pro-Active.
just use a REALLY well brought-up cleanser once daily.
Mix lemon liquid, rose water and glycerin surrounded by equal quantities. Apply on a daily basis before retiring to bed. Eat seriously of green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, beans, peas, lettuce, etc. A salad and fruit should be taken each day. Check out for more useful info.

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