Advice pleaseeeeeee?

okay so i'm supposed to go to the seaside tomorrow with my friend. but i own my period and can't use a tampon for the vivacity of me. what the heck am i supposed to do?!

Suck it up and use the tampon, you will have to do it eventually right? Good luck to ya!
If your at the seaside, you can't see anything in the shade ocean right? But I guess when you aren't within the water. You should try tampons harder later, put some lube on the top if it will help.
Just narrate her I mean she any has her length and knows why you can't come or she's going to win one and you have to clear her understand why you can't run to the beach
Talk to the tampon and influence, you will go surrounded by, and work, and I will have fun at the shore. Then try again. Make sure you are completely relaxed and in a accurate position to put it in. Prop your foot up on the counter or side of the tub to do it, it will work better.
i underneath stand about the tampon i never could use them . you can wear one of the contracted kotexs under your swim wear but you a short time ago can,t get surrounded by the water . and report your friend it is that time of the month .i,m sure she well beneath stand .you can still have fun even if you cannot take in the marine
if you really wanna go you're gonna hold to try the tampons. try the regular size ones and it might help if you try one in need an applicator first. if u want to try with the applicator try platex or tampax pearl. virtuous luck
try a small one or for a light flow. put a leg up on the toilet or the hip bath, take a thoughtful breath and relax, cause if your like a cat on a hot tin roof your vaginal muscles will be tense and it will be harder to capture in. push it aiming towards your lower hindmost. if youve put it in right you shouldnt get the impression it. hope this helps!

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