A girl asked me tonight, is self slim, have big boobs and human being between the age of 20 and 32 a discouraging entity?

i said no, and she said it can make you unwell.

anyone know? or have problems

i fit that category, I must be super unwell.
wut do u mean
Sounds approaching a good article to me.
Cristina O, in that satchel u sound resembling my kinda girl
no its not a bad entry at all, and no i own never had any problems near ladies that fit that criteria lol... on the contrary ;)

but playing around aside i beleive it can cause final problems hence some women have breast reduction.
You should have comforted the poor girl. You evil party.
That is funny. It is unfortunate that she is solitary focusing on that. It is fine to be slim 20s and voluptuous. It is what we do with our mind that will capture us far... too bad she does not get the message that, she will bring more bad events to her. It is great to look bootilscious, merely cannot be everything.

I am 30s, normal weightiness and endowed... it can bring you trouble if you are in the wrong places, or hang up with the wrong race. Read a book I say, cover up sometimes... after when on the beach, do as the Romans do.. a time and place for everything.
The big boobs entity could be a problem if you're a bloke
I've never had problems near a girl of that age having big boobs.. If anything, it made me get the impression decidedly well!
put a bet on problems. seriously.

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