(for girls)?

Sorry for the inappropriate examine, but my human biology teacher (God know why- I go to an adjectives boy's school) was describing us about it human being hygienic for girls to pat themselves after urinating. Er... Is it, and do you?

Yes. If you don't then your panties & pubes will smell similar to urine. Ugh.
What do you mean by "patting"?
I be always told wipe front to pay for. Don't know about 'patting'.
you wipe front to pay for
Of course it is and yes, anyone who doesn't is gross. It's funny, cause I used to ponder guys did the same entity until I had my first boyfriend. Ha ha ha

That's kinda grotesque that a teacher told you that.
Do you niggardly like wipe? If so, yea. Unlike guys we cant shake it dry.
it's better for vigour reasons. If you wipe from backbone to front, you risk getting an infection by spreading bacteria from the bum to vagina
What the heck do you show pat themselves. If i do know what youre talking nearly then yes. If you be going to wiping.
What do you ponder toilet paper is for
yahh,if not we would smell....BAD

sinacher: ;D
Yes. They say that girls should any pat or wipe front to back. Doing the in front of (back to front) can bring organisms from the anus into the vagina. And that can cause an infection.
Patting !! it's more amusing, get the drift??
i deliberate it is, becuase if you simply wipe, your pretty much just spreading the urine to other areas, but if you pat, later it absorbs instead of spreading it any farther. so, yes that make alot of sense. i do it.
My gynecologist advises to of late make sure to wipe front to fund. I suppose you can pat as well but I'll stick near wiping front to put money on.. patting may still spread germs from the very closely located anus to vagina and nobody desires that!
We wipe, it is a consept boys usually don't comprehend. Hey, some boys still think we pee out of our butts.
Well we don't necessarily "patt" but we wipe from rear to front. Sometimes if you don't you can get infections, similar to urinary tract infections. And even animals can get those, but it's more adjectives for human girls. It's very strange your don would tell you that though.

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