Abnormal bleeding, post coidal and changeable...confirmation of cervical erosion by MD second week, cancer?

I have experienced some extraordinary bleeding the last two months, not much, until the later time I had intercourse near my boyfriend - then I bled a rational bit but it was too untimely for my period. I go to the MD who suspected it may be chlamydia (which I doubt) because I was also suffering some itching (which I thought be due to possible yeast infection). She also confirmed a cervical erosion. I had be using douche (which I normally don't) and a spermicidal gel and thought the itching be due to that, but when I had the bleeding I become concerned. I have a history of severe dysplasia (pre-cancer) of the cervix which be treated and am very concerned that it may enjoy developed again and this could be the cause of the bleeding. I don't own any signs or symptoms of chlamydia and only have itching that subsided after treatment for a yeast infection. My last pap be in Dec or Jan and it be normal. I should grasp results this week. About what should I be concerned?

That's great that your tests come back gloomy! It is true that cervical erosions can heal on their own, but I would tend to be concerned almost your pap results. All you can do now is dawdle and see, but I would remain on pelvic rest until you know for sure. It's also a good opportunity for you and your boyfriend to attain tested and establish a baseline, make sure you are both disease free, and remain monogamous. Good luck! I hope your results are accurate. You can increase your intake of folic acid and try to avoid doing things that amendment the pH of your vagina (douching, ejaculation without debt or use of condom, chemical spermicides.). Your pH and good nutrition and immune system are your best defenses against numerous dysplasia.
While there are collectively no symptoms associated with cervical erosion, some women may experience phenomenal bleeding that is not slice of menstruation; bleeding after sexual intercourse; bleeding between periods; a clear or yellowish vaginal discharge that have no odor unless a vaginal infection is also present.
Cervical erosion is a normal condition that occur when the squamous epithelial cells grow out of the cervix and form an inflamed, red, velvet-type nouns that looks eroded and infected. The normal cervix have a narrow path called the os which is creased with glandular cell that secret mucus; the rest of the cervical surface is creased with flat, epithelial, cell on the outer surface. While it sounds scary to regard as that your cervix is eroded, there is no actual erosion.
I also would be concerned in the order of bleeding and think it might be chlamydia- since it is glibly tested for should be one of the first things to do. If you have not already have it done you should also have an HPV trial done (this may have be done when you were diagnosed beside the severe dysplasia. I would suggest that you not douche as it can change the germs in the vagina and incentive infections- I would wonder if the erosion is from the douche nozzle hitting the cervix or if the erosion is actually a herpes lesion on the cervix. Lots of choices roughly things to worry around. I would really really suggest you use condoms with your partner 100% of the time to tender your cervix a break- it is trying to heal from the dysplasia and have to deal beside his proteins in the sperm will single make it harder for the cervix to treat.

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