How adjectives is it to skip a time of year while on the pill?

i've been on the pill for over two years and i've never missed a spell even when i missed a few pills in the pack.My spell has other been prompt every month.I skipped 4 birth control pills from this month's pack but that was at the bigening of the pack freshly after my period.I'm on my 5th suger pill and no sign of my term.Today is the day i'm suppose to start but the object why i'm concerned is because i always start contained by the morning and it's now afternoon and no sign at adjectives.I did have unprotected sex contained by the first week and the second week of my cylce.Last period be 30th May.what are the chances that i could be pregnant?should i basically give it another afternoon?

Why did you skip the pills?

Read your pamphlet one what to do when you miss a pill, or talk to your doctor who prescribed them.

And carry a pregnancy test, not taking the involved pills lowers the effectiveness of the pills.
probably pretty appropriate because if u miss more than 2 pills a pack its no good to hold taking the pill..they tell u to appropriate it at teh same time EVERY DAY for a reason...budge get a pregnancy tested and for integrity sake if u continue the pill pocket it properly and everyday at same time
i would definately atleast consider taking a test. merely because i too am on the pill have be for about a year and a partially. i am religious about taking them...and i know how panicky i get. i already own a little girl to be exact five and im not ready for more...but hunny you should walk get a pregnancy examination done, just to lighten your mind. and if you are, then i hope the best for you, and save, then you should other remember to take them. a short time ago take them when you remember...if i forget within the morning to take it, i pinch it at night when i remember...i hope i help you out a little...=)

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