14 and 5'1. Is that short?

I'm 14 and I'm 5'1. I wouldn' be worrying BUT I've been that point since I was 10! I swear, really. I really don't want to stay that short because I want to be elevated. The thing is that my kinfolk is short- my dad is the tallest one and he's 5'6. I also asked my doctor if there's a chance I could grow taller (since she notice I haven't even grown an inch) and she just said something gently.
Is there any approach I could atleast grow to be 5'7 or 5'8?

ummmmmm...dont feel discouraging...im 35 and only 5'2!! LOL...fitting things come in small packages :)
in that are meds for short people to trake to spawn them taller .look it up on the net.
person short isn't that bad...gee whiz...besides you are probably not done growing anyway! only just keep drinking right and getting exercise and you will grow to your full potential...good luck
I'm 5' and 13 years ripened...you should grow taller! ~Don't worry give or take a few it!
your only 14! quieten down, you stop growing usually around 21. i was solitary 4ft 8" when i was fourteen and very soon, 4 years on i'm 5ft 2 and a half! lol
facade it your just intended to be small, nothing you can do.
5ft7-8 is awfully high-ceilinged for a girl anyway - the average is only 5ft 4
kylie minogue is with the sole purpose 5ft 3
christina aguilera is only 5ft 2
if your still self conscious afterwards high heels do wonders!
hope you perceive better
No thats about average. Im going on 16 and am 4'11! But no i dont guess that you will ever be 5'7 or 5'9 sorry!
there isn't anything wrong beside being short... everyone is different. i stopped growing when i be 10 (at 5'0") and now i'm 21, and my friend grew between the ages of 15-17 from 4'11" to 5'10". later i had another friend who be 5'2" til her second year in college and grew to 5'9". seeing that your parents are on the shorter side you may not grow much taller, but ya never know.
i dont know
but you are short
im 14 and 5'7
don't verbs... being short isn't other bad... but lying on that you are only 14. i am 18 and i am solely 4'11".
its okay to be short. 5'1 really isn't that tiny anyway. just stretch your subsidise out to get taller. i suggest taking gymnastics or do, that helps you're body grow and developed faster. excersise is really good to back the body stretch out n grow. try some back bends, and find different ways you similar to to stretch to help you grow.
within is no way to manufacture yourself grow taller.

I am 33 and 5 foot short.

You are only 14 so you may still grow.

You should own asked the doctor to say her answer louder.

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