A friend of mine of late told me that she have miss her monthly cycle. can u newly report to me drug she can pocket?

a friend of mine just told me that she have miss her monthly cycle. can u just narrate me drug she can take

1. how behind the times is she
2. how long ago did she start menstruating
3. is she on birth control
4. is she sexually active
5. is she beneath a lot of stress

she does not inevitability a drug until the doctors find out why she did not have her cycle.
very well if she missed it because she's pregnant then its too slowly for a drug, but there are too lots reasons for missing in recent times one period it can be diet, age, medication or even lately stress if she's sure she isnt pregnant then I'd right to be heard dont worry unless it become a continual problem then run see a doctor before purely taking a medication that may be good for one personality but not her
provera... thats what im taking last week and ending saturday i had already my term

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