..can anyone relief me?(*GIRLS ONLY PLEASE*)?

ok,im alittle bloated,im kinda develuped,im in a B34 bra,i get hair *cough*down nearby,and i have discharge alittle more than usual,i enjoy been getting discharge since september as i remember,and its kinda a sharp cramp down there..whats going on?i dont own a period on the other hand,just to permit you all know.

You may capably be heading for your first period. Make sure you are prepared, pass some sanitary protection with you at adjectives times and maybe start using panty liner so when you do start it won't be a panty disaster!
Depending on how old you are, you may be gettin your length soon. Doesn't sound approaching anything is wrong, you are just starting to develop.
Your hot
So go ask mommy, kid.
It's nil to worry roughly speaking
Sounds like you will be starting your period very soon.

The following relation might have more info for you.
you are probably going to start soon but you may want to make conversation to your Doctor!
yea you must be getting started to get your spell now or pretty soon.
Sounds similar to you are on your way to becoming a woman!! make the acquaintance of to the club. You should go and chitchat to your Mom about it I'm sure she will be capable of answer your questions. or I don`t know an aunt or grandma. Good Luck.
You're getting your first period. Same piece happened to me.
sounds approaching your period will be coming soon. Bloating and cramping (sharp pains) is a sign. I am almost 20 and i still get hold of those right before my extent. perhaps you can try talkin to your mom or parent/ gaurdian. best of luck. be apposite growing up, you only hold one chance at it...dont be similar to alot of kids and mess it up. :)
xcuse me coz i m a doc. U must get check up, sharp misery down there is not to be taken weakly. U r not sexually active, I dream up. Maybe some foreign body u put while masturbating and forgot. (IT HAPPENS). U need consultation!
yeah you are probably purely going through puberty, as long as you have not have sex nothing to verbs about. If you hold go see a doc.
The discharging within females is just as regular, it might be more for some people but they should still be okay. The merely time you should be fretting is when it starts giving a bad odor and it is significantly coloured (green, black or so - it might be yellowish but thats most times because of urine). Maybe the pain is gas because it moves adjectives over or stay in one place. but to be sure check a doctor.
More than potential if u are experiencing discharge and sharp pains, u are probably about to enter womanhood which way getting your period. So, generate sure u are prepared by going out and getting some pads. Periods tend to sneak up on you.
the discharge is a sign hood you are fertile and that your period willl come soon. The sharp agony is your ovaries are releasing the egg. trust me i get indistinguishable sharp pain every month
thsese are the signs that ur going to draw from ur period pretty soon... if it starts hurting more and more... its possible ur extent will come within the subsequent 2 weeks..dicharge wi;; start forming like a week or two b4 ur term comes.. so be prepared and enjoy every ending mintue u have lacking it.. trust me ..

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