A friend of mine a short time ago told me that she have miss her monthly cycle. can u a short time ago let somebody know me drug she can lift?

A friend of mine just told me that she have miss her monthly cycle. can u just notify me drug she can take?

nearby is no single drug that would induce periods simply like that. and the much more major question is why did you miss it, by how much did you miss it, own you had unprotected sex, and so on. that's what doctors are for. and getting yell at by ur mother is much, much better that getting AIDS, a STD or a baby.
lone her first month?what about the second month...did she have the mentruation?if not...she should progress to see a dr.if she don`t want to be a kinder egg :)you know...kinder egg surprise...:)
anyway hope she`s not...and she ok...
good luck!

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