Abnormal pap smear results.?

i received a call just about a week ago from my gyn. saying that my pap smear results have come back atypical. the dr. wanted to calendar a colposcopy to take a closer look at it. i'm programmed to go contained by friday morning and i'm extremely nervous and worried. since my dr. considered necessary me to schedule my colposcopy asap, does that niggardly that i for sure have HPV?

Pap Smears are perform for screening purposes only, they do not provide a diagnosis of HPV. When a woman does enjoy an abnormal Pap, it doesn't propose that you have HPV. But, your Doc wants to do further testing as to why your Pap showed uncharacteristic cells ( Atypical cells). It simply mean that nearby were cell that are not usually found on a Pap. Many times, the abnormal Pap is a short time ago a fluke and the Colposcopy will provide more detailed information. Unfortunately, whenever a woman has an peculiar Pap, automatically, we think it's Cancer. HPV is a deeply common condition among immature, sexually active females. The Colposcopy procedure is slightly uncomfortable. It is recommended that you transport some Motrin/Advil about 45mins. prior to the procedure. Did you receive an information pamphlet on the procedure?? Perhaps, you should phone call the Doc's office and speak to a Nurse who can verbalize to you about this. Should your Colposcopy show HPV, nearby is procedure that is perform (LEEP) that is the treatment of for HPV. Good Luck!! I know the anticipation and the loaf time S****!!
Not necessarily. I have have an abnormal pap and they programmed a colposcopy for me. Just turned out to be nothing apparently. That be years ago, and I haven't had any probs since.

Don't verbs tooooo much.
they will be checking for that. your Dr should have run an HPV check during your pap.
I had an abormal pap smear once & when I come in to double check everything be fine. Don't stress too much (easier said than done, I know...)!
Good luck!

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