About HPV...i have need of a doctor.?

Can a woman with internel HPV(close to the cervic) give HPV to her man in the anus?
How?If the woman never comes contained by contact in the rectus nouns with her man can infects that bit?

You already gave it too hime if you have unprotected sex with hime. Where does not thing.

It should clear up on its own within a few weeks.
contact your doctor for information just about this question
Yes, because you shed HPV even from areas that do not certainly have wart. People who have never have a symptom (wart) can spread it to people. He probably get it during sex, and it then spread. It's hugely difficult not pass on, although using condoms have been shown to be important 70% of the time. Also, 50%-85% (different statistics I've seen) of women have it, and they one and only test for it within women, so at least indistinguishable number of men must have it. The worst symptom within a guy is warts (although apparently it have been connected to anal cancer- but if that be as common as cervical cancer they would be vaccinate guys too, right?).
HPV is a virus that never goes away. it is contagious even minus symptoms. always use a condom.
yes, your man may contracted beside hpv though there is no skin to skin contact beside your invisible wart part.

HPV is certain to 120 type strains but 37 are known to sexual transmitted disease near high contagion. It would be spreaded through skin to skin contact beside infected area during sexual intercourse, especially for genital nouns.

Also the HPV may cause genital wart. Some are visible, and some are invisible. But that do not mingy there is no HPV virus surrounded by your body.

Some study show the vaccine offers 100% protection against the cervical pre-cancer and genital wart casued by hpv type virus with no side effect. Of the 120 specified hpv type, 37 types are known to sexual transmitted disease.

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