2 months -no term since coming of pill. Definately not pregnant?

I haven't had a spell for 2 months, since coming off microgynon. i've be on it since i was 16 and be always regular. I'm in a minute 21. Decided to come off it due to consignment gain and depression. I've done pregnancy tests adjectives of which were denial. i've had blood test for hormone levels and thyroid which come back common. just really confused...Where's my spell! help would be much appreciated to put my mind at security...

Coming off the pill screw up your body a bit. It may take a couple of months til everything is rear legs to normal. So dont verbs just however.
You are worrying to much. You need to relax and put your body on a regular cycle. Follow what your body wants. Try to stop using whichever medical you are using. Start drinking juices and clean up wash clear up. Next thing you know it will stabilize. But don't put it past its sell-by date. take thoroughness.
I had this crop up to me and the doc gave me (I believe it was) 3 pills to take to product me start. It worked.
the pill regulates your hormones and when you come off the pill it take sometime for your body to settle down especially after being on it for such along time
the pills might enjoy caused you to enjoy a reqular cycle.now that your sour, your body is goin to go through more change.. nothing to verbs about
If you hold been on it from such an rash age it may well be that your system have just not switched on and begin ovulating again. If investigations reveal no other problem, it may be that you can just continue, it may restart spontaneously. However if you are now trying to return with pregnant, ovulation may not start on its own and will need a step start from a fertility drug like Clomid.
Weight gain and depression are on this account


Miriam wrote her story in 1997 and revised it surrounded by 2002.

Stress --> Hormone Imbalance --> "Health Issue"

Perhaps your source of stress is due to the pill

You may wish to do the on string hormone tests at www.hormoneprofile.com or www.johnleemd.com

If as I suspect they recommend you gain hormones please have a saliva testing done see www.npis.info or www.salivatest.com. A saliva test will check out busy hormones something that blood tests do not.

If a hormone is suggested by the saliva assessment please take the dose suggested. Size 10 shoes are not twice as apt if you have size 5 foot.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) uses saliva tests.

A transcript of a John Lee gossip http://www.keepsmilin.com/transcriptdrle...

I have transcribed John Lee's December 2002 & &June 2003 conference

Any of these talks explain why for involved hormone levels a blood tryout is worthless. Blood tests find hormones, but they are the ones on their track out of the body. They are not the active hormones.

Search the trellis for "natural progesterone fertility" and you will find several pages

Search the pattern for "natural progesteroneweight" and you will find oodles pages


However I would rely on a saliva try-out to confirm the requirement for progesterone or any other hormones.

There is a list of doctors at www.npis.info who are aware of the benefits of unprocessed progesterone they may be more helpful than your GP. Maybe you are in the region of to educate your GP past using the hormones.

In countries other than the UK here are doctors knowledgeable roughly natural progesterone and other hormones

Natural progesterone process natural to humans i.e. compatible to that produced by the human body.

For a good explanation of how important natural progesterone is to humans see
and other page on this site

Wild yam is that Wild Yam the body will not convert it to progesterone. Also do not take fake/synthetic progesterone/progestins manufactured by the drug companies they will be of NO benefit.

After have done a saliva test any progesterone you buy must be intuitive progesterone USP. USP means United States Pharmacopoeia.

If you skip to the expire of http://uk.geocities.com/willim_walker@bt... there is a obedient summary -- 22 Susan Aschoff - St Petersburg Times Summary

When your hormone balance is restored you''ll be OK

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