6days !! PMS !! Going Nuts!?

this is my 6th day next to PMS I am going crazy i want my period to come the cramps bloating nausea and occansional mood swing is driving me crazy i want to bawl and scream and hit stuff

PS cant be pregnant

I have cramps and pMS symptoms for almost 3 months once (not pregnant either) pms symptoms usually last between 4 days- 10 days. so unperturbed down and take a hot hip bath or have a cup of tea.
See a gyno
I try to use lotion, and soporific hot tea to soothe my maddness! Or I work out to relieve frustration. I know how to feel! Usually as soon as I level-headed down, my period comes. Oh and try to draw from some medicine for the cramps resembling Pamprin or midol. I actually found some great products at Bath and Body for PMS, it truly makes me be aware of better. Good Luck!
My pms vanished once I got divorced and didn't own a lot of stress around me.
i also made some change to my diet and cut out wheat and sugar and that really helped the mood swings and bloating

A book I found compliant was by Catherine Dalton (UK based) she is reasonably an authority.
where as I cannot receive enough of Christiane Northrup's books. She is remarkably wise and her books are available surrounded by the States as well. I notably recommend her books, she is a doctor specialised in feminine health
adjectives best
It sounds like you may own PMDS (Ithink that is it anyway). It's a premenstral distress disorder to be precise worse than your basic PMS. See your doctor. There is a med for it that help. Meanwhile, try chamomile tea and also black cohosh is an herbal remedy for female issues during that time.
What you want to grasp my nuts... ok i guess so if you really want to and PMS means Prehistoric Monster Syndrome

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