126 pounds?

Im 13 and 126 pounds. i dont look to over weight but i surface uncomfordable in my skin. i reflect on most of it is musle because i am a horse back rider and that make alot of musle. but he question is am i cooking oil??

To answer your question…no, you are not fat.
You said you do not look overweight, and you’re an alive person beside muscle…you are definitely not grease.

If you feel mortified, make sure to view your diet and maintain your substance...but you're still growing so allow yourself to grow into a woman.

“Fat” is such a vague residence anyway, like the word “beauty”…in the eye of the beholder.
Somebody could look plump to someone but not to someone else.
Some people look at themselves contained by the mirror and think they’re margarine when nobody else does…
Some thin associates, as thin as skeletons, might still conjecture they’re fat because of mental disorder.
Some folks with instrument too much fat reserve on their body are within denial (I’m just full numeral and happy. I’m other smiling) and still think they look nutritious.

But even if “fat” would mean “overweight” contained by your question…you are neither one, if you go near the BMI (Body Mass Index Chart).

You do not mention your height, which is a push button factor in determining if someone is surrounded by the healthy list as far as weight goes…but 126lbs is pretty surrounded by the middle of a lot of different heights…you could be 5 foot tall or 5”9’ towering and be healthy weigh 126lbs.

Edit: at 5"3' you could weight 105 to 140lbs and be nutritious or weigh more if it's muscle mass.

At 5 feet, you would be on the sophisticated side of the healthy catalogue and at 5”9’, you would be on the lower range of the able-bodied range.

But those ranges are in recent times for lazy relations who do not exercise, people who are ailing and so when they get to the “overweight” variety, their doctors can scare them into exercising, formerly they get to the “obese” and “extremely obese” ranges.

If you are alive and you have some muscle mass that you in reality can see and you look fine…then feel lucky to be among an extremely small percentage of the population who are contained by shape and doing great.

Do no worry almost that 110 pounds girl who’s very gossamer. She’s out of shape, she’s other hungry or puking and she will become a fat fully fledged anyway, even while not eating much of late because her BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) adjusted to lower smooth because she denied herself the access to food while dieting.

Stay active and keep going your strong body.

Best wishes.
i cant answer your question because you didn't notify me your height. If you are lower than 5'4". then your kinda butter
That is a good solidity. Don't get to skinny it does not look fit
Dont even worry roughly speaking being corpulent. You're still young and no event what, you are exercising by horse back-riding. But the answer to your question is: no, you are not fleshy. =)
I can't tell you if you're flab based on your counterbalance. If you're self-conscious, why don't you do some light exercise such as walking and swimming? That will tone you up minus being too drastic...it'll newly be healthy for you surrounded by any case. And it's totally true...muscle weigh more than fat! But I can bring up to date you, I'm a pregnant lady and I am 5'7" and counterbalance 189 pounds...yikes! And even I'm not fat.
It depends how towering you are. Your weight should be within proportion to your height. If you're around 5'6 or taller, than you're fine. But, if you're shorter, there's create to concern with Heart Disease man the #1 killer contained by America.

Horseback riding does build a LOT of muscle, it builds some, but not as much as you may think.
Hon, How towering are you? you can find charts that have a "supposed" bulk you should be for your height. But I presume as long as you are comfortable....it doesnt matter! What would breed you more comfortable with yourself? reckon about it and fashion sure it is for you!
OMG...im 13 and i love to play soccer and im 122 pounds...and i feel cooking oil but i dont no if i am...HELP ME TOO!!
Don't be thinking that, 126 pounds doesn't sounds like you are rotund. It's better to exercise like you right to be heard you do than being inactive don't worry almost it as long as you are healthy. perfect luck
can we trade weights??

Seriously...Im 5'3, and I remember being at your counterbalance and I felt somewhat uncomfortable too, but very soon Im 150 because I just get married and now I realize that I be just fine previously!
It also depends on your height...if your elevated than you are definetely really skinny!

My advice- enjoy what you enjoy now, and if you discern a little unconfortable try and loose almost 5 pounds! Im sure that you dont really need to diet or anything, but I don`t know start running 30 minutes a night five times a week. You might seize a little more toned up! Im sure you are merely fine though.like you said..you ride horses, and this is a NICE workout!!
You are absolutely not fat. It make me sad that at 126 pounds you guess you are heavy. You are right, muscle does weigh more than large, so you could be right. Please dont worry in the order of you're weight because you are probably a magnificent young female. And just so you know, A lot of girls you're age quality the same means of access and you are not the only one. Being a teen is not trouble-free !

Just love yourself for who you are.
Impossible to know without knowing more roughly you. Age in itself isn't a factor. You could run a turn out for a BMI calculator, online, and punch in the values. That would confer you a basic guideline. Otherwise, the standard rule for women is 100 lbs for 5 ft high, plus 5 lbs for respectively additional inch, and consequently + or - 10% would be considered a "normal" range.

If you are 5'3", next 126 is the high ruin of the range. If you're shorter afterwards that, then you are rather above the range.

However, you should realize that your mass is just a number. Ultimately, your robustness and comfort is more important. It's common at your age to feel insecure. If you truly enjoy concerns, change your diet to include well again foods and less second-hand goods and get some extra exercise. It won't be an overnight transformation, but you'll slowly see results.
Everyone's different... it depends on your frame, increase and age. http://www.cdc.gov/nccdphp/dnpa/bmi/... has a chart where on earth you can find your BMI (body mass index).
If you are fit, physically active and devour healthy, don't stress in the order of the numbers. Some of us are more dense than others... muscle ways more than fat so 2 relations weighing indistinguishable amount won't look the same.

Don't win bothered by the numbers on the scale!
125 pounds is the just the thing weight of a 5'5" feminine.
but if you are 5'4" then its still pretty on top form. but also, youre 13 and trust me, if you still have some "newborn fat" then you will see-through out within 1 or 2 years. my aunt told me that at 13 and i didnt believe her but it happen.
I don't mean to be rude here, but you close to to sit on top of another animal that's walking, running, gallop, and YOU consider that exercise? You're sitting, granted it's strategic sitting (you have to stay on the horse) but you're sitting. If you're not over more or less 5'4" you might have a problem.

I approaching this website, maybe it'll give a hand you also.
know what? This really is the wrong place to ask this. Because these people hold no idea what you look close to, how tall you are, how full-size your frame is, what your BMI is, etc. The best thing to do is to ask your doctor. I hold one daughter that is 5'5 and weigh 125 and one that is 5'7 and weigh 140. I am 5'5 and I weigh 140. But it's all contained by the muscle mass, the frame size, etc. The 5'7 and I wear the same size clothes. You wouldn't come up with so.
So if you are concerned, talk to your doctor. Don't payment attention to people that try to update you you're fat on here, or that you are in recent times perfect. You own told them next to zilch about yourself. Check beside your doc.
at you're height you should be nearly 115, you're not terribly overweight or obese, but you are on the heavier side of the balustrade and need to preserve a handle on it.

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