A personal sxual grill (serious)?

This question deal with something that i'm wanting to do for my BF. Please guys don't reply because i stipulation another womans point of view.

If you would be ok next to a question of this disposition, please e-mail me jpgirl0815@yahoo.com, or you can IM me. I just don't quality comfortable asking this for everyone to see.

Plus I don't know how long it will stay up. I've tried to ask before, but my quiz was delete. :(

I don't know what it is. But the best thing you can do w/ your BF is natter about it. What you want to do or what he desires your to do. Open and honesty is the best policy. If you can't talk to him roughly speaking it maybe he's not the one for you.

Good luck.
Im gonna pack 2 points for reading it :D

Would you be a dear and put best answer ppleeeease
I'm not going to visit you, but I would cogitate if it doesn't cause throbbing or injury and you both enjoy it...dance for it.
Long enough usually
What the hell, I'll distribute you an email in a short time ago a sec.
YAY i just get 2 points

ok sorry hun
u can email me ur question @
Email me, i'll email you latter with an answer. If it's a sexual press for a girl... I'm the perfect girl for you to ask.
Feel free honey, i've hear it(and maybe done it) adjectives...
if you both like it- turn for it. i'm not going to im you though. good luck.
your cross-examine to me at carebearboo322@yahoo.com
have emailed you - it's the one from KT_trebor.
best of the *k*s
so are we tally your best friend to the mix or are we talking just about the backdoor? if your too shy to ask, then probability are your too shy to try.

Hint.lots of lube and lots of booze.
You can email me and ask-desirose08@yahoo.com-I've done and tried a lot and I expect I could help!! :)

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