!!LADIES!! i have need of your oblige?

how do you eat out a girl

please minister to shes a bigin

basiclly u suck and lick her twat
just do it

apt luck m8
well, you want backing, lets see. how something like you take a stool, face it to the mirrior, friendly ur legs. now thieve ur clen fingers and feel that nouns called the clitories, they enjoy a head which looks similar to a V shape, now at the tip of this build circular movements, then up and down, append or reduce speed depending on which stimulates you, consequently suck on to the flab's, blow air on the nouns to tease it afterwards go backbone to stage one, choose a rythm ur partner loves that way you wont catch too tired, ask them how they would like you to do it or you show them how you want your and they show you their technique, equal? good luck.
BE GENTLE, your working next to very sensitive skin! rob your time don't just lick/suck her clit. ASK HER what she wishes only she can speak about you

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