Am i albino?

Thanks for reading i hope its not too long
well i own white skin and lets influence im whiter than other people but its not approaching snow color.. someitmes i have blue eyes (dark blue) and sometimes i enjoy brown :) i have blonde fuzz but it looks yellowish.. Everyone calls me albino resembling a tease and it hurts my feeeling is within anyway i cant take it away this have made my life hell.. Please give a hand me

You are only truly albino if you own those red eyes.
YOU must learn to adopt yourself for what you are.
Albinos dont have any pigmentation contained by their skin at all.
and beside your blue eyes?brown eyes I doubt that you are albino.
Screw 'em. The only instrument they can get mane the color of yours is out of a bottle. Tell them that the next time they utter anything! Also, be proud of your pale skin! So you're not suntan, you won't be incredibly wrinkled at thirty from the excessive amounts of tanning other girls do!
anything that makes you different from the rest at that age can label your life hell if you permit it to. even if u were an albino (and i am not saw that u r, you just enjoy pigmentation loss)-so what?
it does not change or take home the person that you are, and this is adjectives that counts.
no you're not albino. albino people hold pink eyes and a white/yellow skin tone and hair. you also would hold defective vision.
You might be. Apparently there's some types of albinism where on earth you can still have colored eyes and curls. Here's a bit from wikipedia that might describe it:

"Oculocutaneous albinism type 2 (OCA2) (OMIM: 203200), the most common type of albinism, is cause by mutation of the P gene. People with OCA2 commonly have more pigment and better reverie than those with OCA1, but cannot sunburn like some near OCA1b. A little pigment can develop in freckles or moles. People near OCA2 usually have rational skin but not as pale as OCA1, and light blonde to golden or reddish-blonde hair, and most commonly blue eyes. Affected family of African descent usually have a different phenotype (appearance): washed out hair, faded skin, and blue, gray or hazel eyes. About 1 in 15,000 inhabitants have OCA2."

Anyway, there's multiple types, so you could be one of those types. But I assume the only style to really tell would be to find a geneticist who could check it.

Don't let empire get you down! Whether you are or aren't an albino, it doesn't event what insecure jerks read out to you. Be proud of how you look - not so long ago, pale skin be the ultimate sign of comeliness and wealth! If you know these general public well adequate, maybe you could discuss to them and ask them not to tease you approaching that, or take it to a trainer or parent. Don't put up with it if it keep bothering you.
Kinda hard to recount with newly that. I think I would want to see a picture to be able to let somebody know. If you don't like your down color, you can dye it, but I don't suggest trying to get a suntan because that can be really unhealthy.

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