A interview give or take a few birth control!?

Does anyone know how long it takes for Balziva birth control pills to become influential? I always assumed that it be a week, my gynecologist didn't give me this info when she prescribed it to me:(

However I am a tad dismayed to read answers varying from 30 mins to one month, so a concrete answer would be greatly appreciated!


If you were on no birth control back this kind consequently I'd say usually the time frame is a month, but if you be on another pill or something and you just witched next doctors usually say 7-10 days. But I would ask your doctor or pharmacy, it'll simply take 5 mins to appointment, and it's well worth it. You could also scour online for information about Balziva
Usually a week to a in one piece pack. I would suggest you call your gynocologist to enjoy the correct answer, or maybe read the instructions that come near the package of birth control pills.

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