4 Women with the sole purpose. How oodles population stir through extreme depression when their time starts?

I find myself going through extreme depression around when my period started. I be already down b/c of issues out of my control, but around the time my period starts it worsens. I wonder why? Am I the solely one that this happens to?

You could own a condition called PMDD. There is a birth control out at hand called Yaz and its supposed to serve with symptoms of PMDD. Go see your ob/gyn and see if you own PMDD. Good luck.
It's called PMS. we adjectives get it.
Sorry I'm not a woman, but my wife does every month.
That happen to a lot of women. What happen is that no one foreign before what depression be. But you are correct, When the period starts or going to start I quality very depress and my Dr. told me is slice of the package of one a woman.
God Bless!
I go through it to and some months I'm fine and other months I'm awful.
I did but not adjectives girls do some of my friends didn't but its normal here is nothing to verbs about sometimes it help to go out near friends and just relax and the probs out of your control dont verbs about it but if you cant stop worrying ask your dr for antidepresents
For some months I discern so happy and others I quality sad adjectives the time, but my mom says tend it to happen.
conceivably i wouldnt call mine extreme. but i acquire so moody and tell my bf that i want him to f past its sell-by date and that i dont want to ever speak to him again.

its pms, see a doctor and he or she can refer u to another person that perchance could give u some meds or set aside some tips.

good luck!
close to ginnrc said above- it depends the month- i go through it sometimes to- i lately got mine yesturday and i find myself craving food- but i do hear sometimes that nearby are certain forms of pms that u should discuss beside ur doctor- so if anything, just discuss it next to him. and whatever u are going through right presently, u'll get over it!
It's simply hormones and PMS. I never get that emotion personally, but I know ppl that do

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