After my final child be born..?

I had my tubes tied. Now I enjoy a period every 14 days. It have been resembling this for over a year. I am 38. Had normal period every month before this. Is this regular? Or do I need to see my doctor or by stock surrounded by tampax?

How long ago did you have your tubes tied earlier this change within cycle pattern?

As we age our cycle pattern change and tying of your tubes could hold nothing to do beside your menstral changes.

How long is your bleeding stable? How heavy is the flow? Are you becoming extremely tired? Is near an unusal ordor to your menstral flow? If the bleeding has occured since the tubal ligation, consequently maybe within is some retained placenta that the body has not be able to discharge. There is usually an odor associated next to this, but not necessarily.

What is the menopausal pattern of the women contained by your family?

A call round to your doctor will help work through this problem.
You want to change doctors. With a term every 14 days, you are flirting with anemia.
Really it's not unusual to enjoy erratic periods after you own had a tubal ligation. You can buy stock contained by Tampax AND see your doctor. Bleeding that much might be taking a toll on your iron stores in your blood. You and I can probably bear over the company that owns Tampax. LOL
The tubal may have a role surrounded by this, but as does your age. As we reach our mid to slowly 30's our periods revision quite a bit.

I would speak to your gynecologist in the region of this and also have you iron level tested (depending on how heavy and long long-term it is).

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