?period and birth control?

im 13 started birth control for regulation and issues i was have with my ovaries but i be wondering does all birth control get you period oil lamp cuz im afraid mine will b to light to wear a tampon

Sometimes the pill will breed your period lighter - but you can still wear a tampon if it is pale - Tampax makes a "teen bedside light flow" one and I'm sure there are other bedside light flow tampons out there...

right luck!
Ware mini tampons.Or pads. you are too young at heart for tampons
I think it depends on your body chemistry - but from my own experience it have made it extremely light and I can't wear a tampon or regular pad - I have to wear panny liner - it's not a bad entry.but I've heard of alot of girls that own the same experience - markedly very wishy-washy and you can't wear tampons because it's not heavy plenty.
use mini pads.

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