im nearly 15 and barely a 34A!adjectives my friends have boobs but i don't!enjoy i stopped growing or am i just a unpaid developer?

You sound exactly similar to me, I'm 15, tall, skinny, and flat chested. But the truth is i'm okay next to that, and i don't believe i'm done growing either. also if your skinny have small boobs comes along with it. Just be long-suffering and it will all come within time. :)
if your breasts have already started growing, it should be fine, only wait. except, ask your doctor.
should be a late bloomer unless if your estrogen (a cell that make you develop the female looks) is smaller amount. But im sure its just behind schedule development. Have you mestruation cycle as the font. Earier menstruation means rash development. Just relax, you will be fine.
You didnt stop growing, you are lately a late bloomer. And if worse comes to worse... at hand is always plastic surgery. suitable luck
It's unlikley that you have stopped growing.
You requirement to think something like the rest of your development...such have...have you started have periods? Are you getting taller? Do you enjoy a good diet (be honest next to yourself!).
If you are otherwise quite well, I wouldn't worry too much, you are probably newly a late developer. If you are really concerned, turn and see your family doctor. I work out this might be embarrasing for you, but is really no big deal for your doctor. Anyway, lately think in the region of the rest of your development and if specifically floating along OK, then you shouldn't be too concerned.


You are still growing. I didn't acquire in to a C cup til I be in my 20s.

Please also make conversation to your mom about this for superfluous information as well as your dr whenever you enjoy your next check up.

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