Alesse Birth control.?

After 7 years with horrible periods (irregularity, extreme pain, heavyness) I was put on the pill. I was on Tri-cyclen-Lo, now I am on Yazmin. Neither have done anything for me. I am still getting horrible cramps and headaches and every other symptom pain increased x100. I am still irregular and heavy and unpredictible. I have talked talked to my doctor, he put my on Allesse. I start it next week.

Does Alesse work better than the others or should I give up and request to see a gynocologist?

Note: In Ontario, Canada, the Family doctor/General Practictinor does everything (in as gynacological sense). Women are only referred to gynocologists under certain circumstances.

The only way youre going to b a ble to tell if it works for u is to try it. I used several before I finally settled on one. A few suggestions would be to try a bc that is higher in estrogen or one that has no estrogen at all like a progestrin pill. I would go this route it sounds like you r intolerant to estrogen, me 2.

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