??? assist!?

i had the brown discharge for 3 days and after, it turned pink but i know it wasn't red ! is it normal?? plz answer and backing me!!

it might just be your spell being strange. the brown was probably in recent times old blood. if your time isnt regular...its probably just acting strange. I wouldnt worry unless it last for longer than maybe two weeks.
Completly majority. Your period is the shedding of your uterine facing. The brown blood is old blood and completely usual. Pink blood is also normal. You are fine, freshly going through your cycle like commonplace. No period is ever impossible to tell apart...it's always different and you will experience this time and time again.
If it be after your period, it could possibly be blood coming out that be inside of you from your period. If it isn't, I would significantly recommend seeing a doctor. I'm not sure what it could be if you are not recently over your time and i suggest seeing a doctor before it get worse.

i hope i helped... :]
Best entity is to go to your doctor! (a womanly doctor might make it for a time less embarrassing). You may hold a yeast infection or something else which may be easily treated. Always grasp things checked out by a professional because you'll then know for sure! Good luck!
for your term? could be just a really lantern period but if you enjoy had sex or are unsure in recent times go to your GP and ask, that channel you know for sure if everything is ok
it is just your term.everyone has a grotesque month sometimes! if you get it for more than 3 months surrounded by a row, then you should see a doctor
don't nouns first of all, (this will construct worst) this sounds normal the brown discharge is antediluvian blood. if it's pink that means you may enjoy a lite period (normal) BUT if you have unprotected sex... then you may hold a problem this is called spotting. resembling i said if there be no unprotected sex then its regular . wait until the following time and if the same after go see a doc(you may necessitate birth control to regulate your period. i hope this info works for you. moral luck
Is this your first menstruation? This is very adjectives for how your first periods will be. Your should parley to your doctor to get a appropriate explanation that will make you touch comfortable and know what to expect.
My first couple periods be just approaching that. Completely normal. Like others own said, brown means frail blood. Don't listen to those people recitation you to go to the doctor.

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