How can you pee contained by public when at hand are no restrooms around?

Find a forest or a bush, etc.

If you do find a bush, just bring behind it, squat down, and pee
You own to go someplace where on earth there is a restroom even if it finances having to stride or drive someplace else. You cannot pee without a rest room no concern if you are a man or a women.
Find a hidden place verbs down pants and underwear to ur knees and lean foreward a bit so the pee go striaght down insted of onto ur pants
If at hand is a small forest around you can go pee surrounded by the woods. If your going to extremes and your wearing a dress or skirt, you can look for things like plants or grass, any piece like dirt or mulch that will hold your attention it.
There are still places in the world where on earth there are no proper restroom. What do you assume they do? They go to a places where on earth there are plenty trees to give some privacy.

You can verbs a hole, do your business. Cover it back once you are done. But for peeing.. it really doesn't concern where you do it (in the hole or out of it).

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