Ok , I don't know much about anorexia, but conceivably you can help me. I have an idea that i am semi-anorexic. I think roughly being anorexic adjectives the time and seeing ppl like on youtube proverb I had anorexia && stuff. I decision I was them. I be a sign of like I desire I had near life. I am not overweight nor underweight, however. I am 13 4'10 and 68lbs. I think it would be so great to be anorexic..&& its not to be blamed by the medium. I would never wanna be Nicole Richie. I wanna be like ppl who own anorexia and arent famous. I enjoy to make sure I am still matching weight within the morning afternoon or night. Or i will stop consumption, but not completetly. I make sure My ribs still show within my stomach, if they dont I think right away..I am podginess!
I do see myself in the mirror next to big flabby thighs and big arms, everyone says My legs are sticks and you can see bones contained by my back. I dont get hold of it I can never see myself the way I wanna be see. What do i have?
Am i semi-anorexic??

Are your parents aware of this? Talk beside them and a school counselor or trusted trainer. Do you want to have children, grasp married and have a craft someday? Or is the only point that means anything to you is anyone thin? Think these question thoroughly before answering. Then read the destruction toll of Anorexia Nervosa and think if you want a adjectives or just to be skeletal.

I know this because I am a "recovered anorexic." I now am 38 years behind the times and moderately overweight (but happy!) because my metabolism is unkeeled from years of starvation. Guess what, I single grew to be 4'11" and think it be from lack of nutrition, inheritance in my kinfolk are tall females and within pictures I look adopted. I can't believe I starved myself for so masses years for what? A missed teenage extent because mine was focused on self a size 1 and almost dying because of it. I now own a wonderful life and great ethnic group and have my ethnic group to thank for picking up the cues that I wasn't eating and eventually pulling me rotten my bedroom floor and bringing me to the hospital. Talk with your own flesh and blood, it really isn't worth it anymore! Think of the fun you're missing with friends and are putting it into adjectives yourself and focusing on your ribs in a mirror when you could be out have a fun time with friends and possibly dating! Life isn't about looks it's more or less experiences. Go out and have some and while you're at it try some strange adventurous foods with your friends! Have a slumber jamboree but no looking at your ribs, have fun!
You are approaching me. I am so skinny but I don't think I am. Everyone see you for what you really look like, you merely try to find stuff wrong with you. I conjecture you're skinny. And don't worry in the region of you're weight but b/c you need to be ingestion to grow.
If your 4' 10 and sicty eight pounds , thats not healthy. You should weigh more and be taller if your thirteen, i judge. Maybe you should see a docter .. but I might be a little bad track
dont be anorexic its totally stupid
I would say you enjoy a mental problem.. and anorexia is a mental disease as well as physical.. you should ask your parents to capture you some counseling.
no your totally anorexic, and i think ou might be crazy too. you want to be anorexic??
travel see a doctor
You need professional assistance for this and the sooner the better. There is nothing to be gain by becoming Anorexic it would be akin to Glorifying war. There is no glory within war lately as there is zilch to be gained by become a full blown anorexic.

Think of your ethnic group as well, they will suffer through the disease as much save more than you will.
It sounds more like you own severe body dis morphia. That means you don't see yourself surrounded by a true sense...like your mind is playing tricks on you!
Anorexia is a tremendously serious disease, that ,if left untreated will gun down you. Not to mention make you look close to walking death.
It is not cool, it is not trendy and anyone that is to say fighting this disease will put in the picture you the same. Tell your parents how you are consciousness and seek treatment at once! before your life span starts to spin out of control.
You are the correct counterbalance for your height. You stipulation to talk to your parents/guardian and attain some serious help. Anorexia is NOT cool. It is exceptionally unhealthy. It can generate you lose your teeth and hair, and you can die. It exact a number of other vigour problems as well. Oh, by the style guys do not find anorexia attractive.
You need to consult to your parents for some counseling. You are well on your bearing to self-destruction by obsessing near your weight. Read your own description of yourself. You are anorexic and contained by need of counseling. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/anorexia_ne...
If I hold 1 thing 2 narrate u is 2 not b anerexic. I also cried when ppl called me large and I went 2 my anerexic side. After i get skinney (bone skinney) I said 2 myself " I can eat now" but boy be I wrong! I felt that my throat get smaller bc i coudn't swallow anything!! Not evn watr okay! And now im ovr it but b4 i coudn't chomp through solid foods w/out choking!! To loose some wait freshly go 2 the gym work out and u will be a run of the mill girl. But at the same time im a usual girl and my thighs are fat but if some1 tell me im fat i in recent times walk awy but first i voice ' at least i enjoy high self esteem' and they nvr vote that 2 me again. And u no wat? 4get them! They could lead u to a enthusiasm in the hospital next to fluids being brougt into u by tubes!!

if you wanna be anorexic later your a HUGE STUPID LAMOID IDIOT!! what the hell is wrong with you!?! dont you consideration about yourself?!?! why are you mortal so dumb! girls die from anorexia! why do you wanna kill yourself! WHY! WHY! WHY! if you become anorexic society will think your nuts and you dont consideration about yourself! dont enunciate your fat, YOUR A TWIG! you SHOULDNT BE 68 POUNDS! you should be around 80-90 pounds. dont do this! if you believe that you are part anorexic you are! STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! dont do this to yourself!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! dont dont dont!!
You are anorexic and I enjoy no idea why you would need to be this way. It is a mental robustness issue and for the life of me, I can't comprehend why anyone would want to be in pain, not to mention the physical impact this could have on your form. You are a teen and still growing. You are also underweight, regardless of what you may think. Get some relief while you are young because it is easier to clear up this problem immediately than if you create many years of living the instrument you do.
Anorexia is a very insecure condition. You need to be sure you are getting the nutrients a body wishes. At 4'10 and 68 pounds, you're under the growth curve for a 14 year hoary female, which can be greatly harmful to your reproductive system, hormonal and endocrine systems, muscle tone, heart, lungs, your GI system.

Symptoms of anorexia can include depression, HAIR LOSS, constipation, abdominal headache, headaches, dizziness, shortage of your menstrual period.

Do you truly want to risk anyone in affliction all the time...lose your spine?

How do I know? Because when I was your age, I be stick thin...ailing...I wasn't anorexic, but was tease sooooo badly going on for looking like an "Ethiopian". I in recent times couldn't gain weight. I have a metabolism disorder...and got treatment for it. My body would not involve nutrients like it should.

You inevitability to speak with your parents and acquire into an eating disorders counseling clinic. If anorexia go on long enough, IT CAN KILL YOU! You inevitability help, counseling, nutrition.

You particularly have an drinking disorder...but you do not want to risk your life, human being able to own kids as an adult if to be precise your choice, risk heart/kidney disorders.

Talk to your parents...looking like Nicole Richie is simply sick...looking like the too skinny Olson twin is a moment ago gross. IT IS NOT GREAT to have an consumption disorder...it truly can kill.
semi-anorexic? no you get your wish
your anorexic!
immediately it is time for years of consling to get you out of this rut but if you dont want to thats ok cuz your body will go amiss one night when your briskly a sleep, and you wont cry your self to sleep at night cuz folks call you margarine your mom and dad will cry cuz now your departed and gone.
Sweety, ur not fat at adjectives. Yes you are anorexic. You need to natter to someone about this within person
If you are serious, afterwards you need to hope help for this business, do it asap. Wanting to have anorexia is wanting to die. Eating disorders are not a funny concern. You do realize that eating disorders can head to death, right?

Get some abet.

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