....never Had first Period?

Can you get pregnat up to that time you first period? Can you or can't you??

in actual fact yes you can if your ovulating \

It is possible to become pregnant if you have unprotected sex until that time you start your first period.

Girls are born beside thousands of eggs in their ovaries and when your period start one egg is released each month. The womb get ready for a possible pregnancy respectively month by making the lining sticky and soft. If the egg is not fertilised by a sperm, the lining and the egg exceed out of your vagina - this is your period.

Before a girl have her first period, an egg will enjoy been released and be waiting to be fertilised. As it is impossible to predict when the body will release the first egg, it is far-reaching to use contraception if you are having sex since your period starts.

If you've have sex within the end five days, and you do not want to get pregnant, you should wish advice on emergency contraception as soon as possible. If it be longer than five days ago, you can get a pregnancy examination done to find out for sure. It's best to take the assessment three weeks after having unprotected sex (as this is roughly how long it will pilfer for the hormone levels to show up on the test). You can go and get a free test at your local Brook Centre (under 25s only), kinfolk planning clinic or at some doctors (GPs). Or you can pay for a pregnancy interview at a chemist. They can do a test for you or put up for sale you a home pregnancy testing utensils.
depends how close you slept with someone previously you had it for the first time
am not sure the item is that for you to get pregnat you would hold to have sex a week in the past your period so i guess that if you own sexual interaction a week b4 your first perioc you migth
yes you can get pregnante past your first period,but solitary if you have discharge,explanation even if you dont have your length you are still fertail and you can still produce a baby,if you hold any questions,or you wanna converse in privite,please dont hasitat to email me :)
You enjoy a period a couple of weeks _after_ you hold ovulated each month. If you hold ovulated then you can bring back pregnant, so yes, you could get pregnant back your first period.

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