2 period contained by a month plus spotting?

I had my time like common at the begining of the month and it lasted 6 or 7 days close to usual. Then less than 10 days latter I had some spotting for a afternoon and a half and it stopped completely. A few days after that I get my period again, and its really substantial. Its been 3 days so far and it hasn't slowed down. Any warning?

See your doc, it could be very serious.
try birth control turst me it will back i bleed all to much same as u do i use the BC my doc say the bleeding maybe due to my body making more than one egg so i enjoy a cycle more roughly if ud like to chitchat my ears open affix me on yahoo or email me

you should go to a dr. it could be your kidneys or anything. pious luck.
It sounds as though you are not maintaining satisfactory estrogen for your body to retain the uterine lining. If it continues, or if the flow become heavy, you should see your doctor nearly going on birth control pills or estrogen therapy to preserve you from bleeding more than is healthy.

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