After a miscarriage, when is it safe and sound to own sex?

I know at this point sex should be the furthest thing from my mind but be precise not the case. It is Tuesday and I have a miscarriage on Sunday. For some reason (not sure if it basically because I am craving the intimacy due to emotions or what) I am really wanting to enjoy sex with my partner but I am not sure if it is out of danger (health wise) for me this early. Can someone beside experience in this department shed some pallid for me. My doctor said that I will be fine for sexual intercourse after I stop bleeding, but will I still be ok prior to then? What if I am bleeding but not really creamy?

After my miscarriage, the doctor told me to wait approximately 2 weeks to permit my D&C heal. However, I didn't keep on. I had sex inside a week and nothing awful happen.
Listen to your doctor. Don't have sex till after the bleeding have stopped just within case; accordingly, you don't damage anything more.
my OB/GYN told me 2-3 weeks after my miscarriage. Expect some aching the first time you guys do it afterwards, especially if you had a D&C.
It may do more bleedin/ infection if you attempt it prior to limit set by yr doc. Just cuddle together, it will be fine, believe me!

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