1 hours of daylight time of year, please comfort!?

i recently have a period, but it last for like 5 hours, i don't know what wrong.

i touch fine, no symptoms of pregnacy, i have have irregular periods but i don't know if any of you enjoy been through this up to that time and if you have to please post!

thank you so much.

There are plentiful things that could be contributing but first ask yourself; How stressed are you? (stress can shorten even stop your periods) are you worried about getting pregnant? are you trying to catch pregnant? How irregular have you be in the recent past? are you taking birth control? Have you had a toddler recently? How ancient are you and how long have you be having period? this all plays into the possible answer of your put somebody through the mill. I know it sounds like seriously but it can really tell like mad.
And yes I have have short ones before it only just depends on what your body is trying to tell you.
purely wait..it could come backbone...or you could have one of those cases of rash age menopause but i doubt that..go to a clinic and see if they can digit it out.
It could come back after that or the next daytime it's normal nil you should worry roughly at this moment.

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