If a yeast infection is vanished untreated, what could start?

Don't know what the others are talking around really, but a yeast infection isn't really very detrimental. "Discomfort and inconvenience are the worst problems associated with a yeast infection..." (see connect below) I went masses, many years (around 14)without knowing or doing anything going on for it and everything was still ok. The worst problem is that you can possibly go past it to a male partner if you enjoy sexual contact without protection.
It isn't apposite to leave it untreated...the infection would continually grow and it would not be pretty so bring in sure you tell someone and walk see a doctor if you have one
Infections are risky. They can take limb, fingers, toes, and more. If they spread to the blood stream they can be fatal.
cramp, itching and bleeding and eventually possible cancer. wake up and treat it, hugely easily, move about to walmart and buy a monistat kit, where on earth they sell pad and stuff, in that nouns anyway, only almost ten dollars.

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