A womanly is a virgin but comes to close contact next to semen and she is slowly on her time of year is she pregnate?

if a virgin comes in contact near semen and she is late for her extent does this mean she is pregnat, why or why not how can she variety sure

Suprise! Sperm can swim through water and survive. Neither Air, nor sea kills them on contact, but over a prolonged time of time.

Since most young girls are physically involved these days, the hymen isn't other in tact or fully within tact to begin next to.

Because of this, close contact with semen CAN impregnate someone who's never have penetration.

Another kicker is that any contact near bodily fluids can also transfer HIV, Herpes and other STD's can can be cruel and/or have no cure.

However, keep hold of in mind that Stress can rescheduling your period for up to two weeks, as can drugs. (neither is overly respectable!)

My advice? Unless you are prepared to deal near the consequence of a child, just don't own sex; because even with the pill, condoms and the morning after pill, you can STILL become pregnant.

This go for guys AND girls alike.
no u will not becom pregnant becuase if sperm is expoised to oxygen it will die becoming us less
wow that would suck to bring back pregnant without going through the pleasure of sex. It depends where on earth the close contact with semen be. Did the semen get inside the vagina contained by any way? Was it on somebody's appendage and then they touch your vagina etc...
If the semen did not obtain into your vagina then you are not pregnant. The stress of worrying almost it is probably making you late.
The individual way to update for sure is to buy a home pregnancy test from a drug store, follow the directions on the box.
By the approach, if you do not want to get pregnant later you must be more careful.
The singular 100% birth control method to prevent STD's and pregnancy is abstinence until conjugal!

PS- sperm are not immediately kill by air as the previous poster stated! It could lift a couple of hours before they die.
Sperm can survive inside a females reproductive tract for up to 7 days.
the probability r pretty slim
Actually, if a girl and a guy are fooling around and semen gets within the vagina, even without access, she can get pregnant. All the little sperm obligation to do is get close satisfactory to swim in and the action is done. The Young lady requirements to see her doctor to be sure and the young man and childlike lady really entail to mind their manners and keep their genitals to themselves.
Hope adjectives turns out well.
Good luck.
depends. how close we talkin

There are even cases of women doing a sort of do it yourself pregnancy next to sperm collected from a man and a turkey baster. Sperm are pretty hardy little fellow regardless of the folks claiming they die on contact with nouns.

So do yourself a favor get a pregnancy try-out and go stop by planned parenthood to swot the facts about sex earlier you bring a baby into the world you aren't geared up for.

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