[Women Only] Depo Provera...?

I just get on the shot on the 25th of May. My period come a week late. When it come, it stayed on longer than usual. Usually it would only be 6-7 days. But today is the 7th light of day and it has not sun-bleached up at all and I'm still bleeding moderately. How long will I expect my time to stay on?

You could menstruate until your next depo shot is due.
theres no answer to that i miserable you cant never have a positive answer when on BC b/c oit change your body so much. it can be btwn 1-30 days or more i was spoting for resembling 3 weeks straight and ever since that i havent had no gentle of blood
Your body probably needs to bring back used to the birth control. Depo is different in that it usually eliminate your period. The longer you are on it, the lighter your period get until you purely have nought or occasional spotting. I'd give it three months, see how you act in response to it, and then opt if you need another form of birth control. I've be on depo for 7 years, and never had a problem. Some populace have severe side effects though.

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