About EC's?

I recently have sex unprotected and although he didn't ejaculate inside I am scared I could win pregnant! I am married with three children and Im unqualified for more and I DON'T believe in abortion! Last year the GOV. and FDA approved Plan B for over the counter use. So my request for information is have you or someone you know used this method and did it work?

My cycle is not due for a week or so, so is this a hearty option for me?

<anxious & nervous>

Not to start a fight or anything... but what's the moral difference between using Plan B NOW and an abortion LATER?
(And I'm pro-choice. I only honestly want to know how you think this is different.)
it is roughly speaking 80% effective, regardless of others experience here on yahoo. yes it is secure
you have to clutch it within 72 hours of unprotected sex or it won't work.
yes, although its most influential within the 1st 72 hours of the unprotected sex. b warn tho, it messes up ur tummy a little (nausea). Go to plannedparenthood.org (or com) and look 4 a clinic hard by you. i think i cost money these days too (used it wen i was around 16). no more than like $25 tho

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