Acne, even though I'm using facial cremes?

I've been using each day prescribed facial cremes for my acne (Clindamycin and Tretinoin), but for the past month and a partly, all I've have are continuous breakouts (about a new pimple every two or three days).
I've be feeling stressed during this term, and I was merely wondering if this stress is overriding my medications, or if my medication need renewing...?
Thanks within advance.

I own the same type of problems. Stress is a big cut of it definitely. Also, flucuating hormones could own a part contained by it. I was simply told that until I get out of puberty, there's nought I could do because my chemical balance is out of whack. Mostly, I would only just make sure that you use your medication as directed, and don't miss any treatments. AND, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I can't stress this ample.
you're just cursed. CURSED!
drink more green vegtables drink lots of water and drink green tea youll requirement at least 10 cups a year
wow one every couple of days, well i obtain like 4 trial ones every day so you should consider yourself lucky.
dont stop using medication , just rest some time , stay alive
and try to live appropriate healthy existence
The stress could be a factor. Also, alot of the medications engender you worse before you attain better. It'll eventually clear up, just be long-suffering.
i heard stress give you acnes. So...dont streessssss.=)
Try proactiv it worked for me I had like problem! Proactiv works like a charm! It works try some today!
Stress will unambiguously contribute to a break out. My other thought is that maybe you want to whip a break from you face cremes for a while. Use a mild soap to cleanse you frontage. See if that helps at adjectives. If not, go put money on to your face cremes. Try and work on reducing the stress surrounded by your life - step for a walk each day for example. If your face won't stay clear, jump back to your dermatologist.
try better acne products. clearsil works terribly well. i consider the stress is making you break out. drink 10 cups of 8 oz. every day.
that happen alot try 2 eat nutritious less margarine try not 2 stress this should work
I know i have indistinguishable problem with those types of acne medication. Sometimes they just plain don't work, other times you might be immune to them. If you would close to to get rid of acne i might enjoy a solution. Use witch hazel. You can find it in the pharmacy department at places close to Walmart. It dries up the oil on your skin, to prevent breakouts. It is adjectives natural, and can be used on cleaning cuts and scrape as well.

I hope I help you a little.
Be sure to realize if your allergic to any of the cremes that you are using and after tried them because some cremes arent qualified and can even make your facade worse.
I know i don't need to report to you, but make sure you're following the instructions. Don't forget that medicine can take a while to work, so be long-suffering. Do try to relax, and also to sleep for 8hrs, because lack of sleep won't backing.
It will take your obverse a while to get used to the unsullied medication. Stress is always a precursor to acne, so try not to agree to it get to you (I know, easier said than done.)

Also, cause sure you drink plenty of water (this will flush out impurities) and follow the labeling instructions. Many acne medication are photosensitive, so also try to stay out of the Sun as much as you can!
I used clindamycin alone and it worked for me.. Maybe you should get more sleep too. I find that If I don't sleep resourcefully I break out with or minus clindamycin.

You can also try Differin (Adapelene) on the pimple itself or all over the facade. It is very decisive! It dries out the pimple overnight but doesn't dry out the surrounding skin like Benzoyl Peroxide. I use it adjectives over the face after I apply clindamycin. It works!
Acne and pimples is one of the most distressing and depressing problems . Soak cotton wool surrounded by mint juice, and apply every hours of daylight. Mix cinnamon powder with lime liquid to make a fine attach, Apply on pimples. Check out for more useful info.
It could be hormonal acne too. I've be on plenty of medications but i'd still hold on to breaking out. I found out my hormones were pretty out of whack and when I get on birth control (i'm on Yaz), its helped out profoundly.

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