About breasts!?

do our breasts get harder if you work out your chest nouns because mine are and im not sure if this is normal!

Your pectoral muscles (yes women hold these too) lie directly below your breasts, so if you exercise and tone these muscles the base of your breasts may perceive harder, and as the muscles increase in size and tone they may produce your breast feel harder, but the soft, podgy mammary tissue will not harden due to exercise, and should still sit lying on the muscles.
Yes they will. It's normal.
They obtain more muscley. Either that or it's a hormonal thing; You're not pregnant are you ??
This is mundane. Don't worry.
Muscles beneath them develop and manufacture them more prominent, but not hard. I estimate you should get a check up.
It's moderately normal. What you are experiencing is the muscle underneath the breast tissue starting to set and get stronger,the added benefits you will distinguish from working out is that your breasts will get a nice raise, and you will be stronger and in better shape. I hope this help.
yes dear you are right . all my girls love to do exercise that opening. being a trainer and a designer i pass them a very rock-hard time to get the shape vertebrae. boobs must stand up like an army guy. so rush and own your exercise.
I take it you are using a Pect Deck or similar equipment? That will increase the size and tone of your pectoral muscles beneath your breasts, while at the same time reducing the butter content through aerobic exercise burning it off.
The lattice effect is you will be slimmer and more perky - not something you should worry roughly speaking!
put ice cubes on your chest while lying down. If it melt, then youre polite.
yeah they do, its normal.. loll.. dont verbs :]
breast are pretty much lumps of fat and when you exercises they'll procure harder
It is normal.
Your actual breasts don't but the sounding nouns does. This is because this area is muscle and when working out, muscle get built up.
Hey Hunny
Dont worry thats everyday.:-)
i have deeply firm pectoral muscles, dont worry. women can gain these too when they work out

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