What would lead to a spell to end over a month?

I didnt have a interval for 6 months straight (some very bedside light spotting 2 times during that). Then about a week earlier christmas I started my period. It have lasted this entire time. It stopped fully for more or less 3 days but then started stern up 2 days ago. I have be to the DR and he said its all surrounded by my head. What could really be the problem? Is this really usual?

Answers:    I had this develop before, it last for 8 months for me and was a stomach-ache in the ***. I suggest you see a gyno, they are the just ones that can tell you what is, if anything, truly wrong. BTW, any doctor that say that it is all contained by your head should not be a doctor. That isn't effective and makes you grain silly for even saying anything. I suggest you find another doctor, and efficient. Good luck
have you have a depo shot? if so that will do it. also i think stress will too.

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