After a D&C?

I had a D&C a week ago...due to a missed miscarriage. =(
I bled while I be still at the hospital...but other than that I've have just slight spotting and go several days without bleeding...until yestererday. I started exercising...(running around 3 miles) and I started bleeding. The same thing happen today. Do you think this is run of the mill? Could I be harming anything?

Also- I've have no pain at adjectives. I still seem "bloated" contained by my lower abdomen. I've hear that pain is cause from the uterus going back to it's unproved size. Does this mean that my uturous isn't going put a bet on to normal however? Is this normal??

Your body is still adjust to the change contained by your hormones. Depending on your gestation (length of pregnancy- how far along) your uterus may still be somewhat enlarged. Because the uterus is so vascular and adjusting to the lost pregnancy any increase surrounded by activity can wreak breakthrough bleeding. I would back down on the exercise and discuss it beside your OB.
The bleeding is your body's way of truism slow down. This is a normal sign see with most pts after giving birth. Sorry I can't quote a source. Good luck, sorry for your loss.
Also if you are still grieving your miscarriage, most hospitals enjoy groups that meet to discuss vibrations after a loss. Call your local hospital education department or Obstetrics for information.
Sometimes when a doctor does a DNC they miss some. I hold worked in a hospital where on earth I have see maybe 5 girls come pay for for a repeat DNC because of similar symptoms like your have. Call your doctor.

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