Accident please oblige?

My fiance tripped on a magazing today and we are almost positive that he either fractured the slice of his wrist right below the thumb or tore a ligament.... So what I was wondering is what can we find around the house to support it and what kind of medication can he take to at most minuscule ease the niggle for the next 4 hours..

a appropriate tight bandage or sheet, not too tight for circulation but satisfactory to hold his hand firm. if you own any anti-inflamitories give him some right away and merely prior to bandaging it wrap it in rime to get the swelling down, another twinge killer would be paracetamol or coedine of some class and tell him to sleep next to it raised on a pillow
u should take him to the hospital within 4 HOURS ...swiftly
A shirt to act as a sling to keep hold of it still & anti inflammatory pain killer should do the trick, surely going to A&E would be the better idea though.
Pain murderer is the immediate source to facility pain. Eventually your friend have to go to the hospital for perfect check up
If he is in that much anguish you need to pinch him to the emergency room at once. If there is more interfere with in in attendance than what you are describing it could affect the way he uses his mitt for quite awhile, except permanently. You want to make sure it is set correctly if explicitly what it needs.

As for the affliction, you won't find anything other than maximum strength misery relievers over the counter. You will need to capture a prescription from a doctor anyway.

Hope he feels better soon.
heating pad well from fingers to elbow , elevate and filch an anti inflammatory - yes - give him the length pain tablets ! 1 gram panadol as capably but no more - elevation very defining - ice can back IF he can take it - dont stress the poor fellow - he is mannish !
Is it a kind of set-up?

Fracture - no transport?

On what basis u r positive that it is fracture?
What stops u from calling medical aid?
bring him to the doctor as soon as posible
First off, you should ring up emergency room at a local Hosp. and they could give you the best warning, but if I didn't do that, I would put compresses on the area of hot (10min.) later cold (ice wrapped in a purify cloth and in a plastic daypack for 10min.). Take Tylenol for the pain as directed on the bottle. Tylenol is correct for pain and is kind on the stomach. Watch for swelling and discoloring. Can he move any or all of his fingers and thumb? This is my belief on what I would do.

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