I have really really unpromising cramps what can I do to make them shift away or at least sooth them??

Take a melt bath, drink loads of dampen, or get a heat pad and put it right where on earth your cramps are.
take a pill. advil might work
heat pads support
Take some motrin, grab some chocolate and a heat pad and view some Lifetime.
BANANAS help!! Eat a couple, it should support
Take some tylenol or pamprin, lay down on your stomach and get some rest. If it get worse call your physician, within are some prescription meds they can give you if you hold really bad PMS symptoms.
I get hold of really bad cramps...so what I do is I hold a midol and a coffee. I think it say not to mix those two together but thats what makes them progress away for me. :) trust me. You'll feel so much better after.
My roommate swears by red raspberries. It's supposed to be the best intuitive remedy.
Advil works great - or if your pain is more severe, try naproxen sodium (Alleve). The before you take a palliative - like at the FIRST sign of your interval - the less spasm you will have.
i know it doesn't label sense but if you exercise then it in actual fact dulls the cramping...i cant remember where i read it and im not much on exercise so i verbs and dance around some and it's really help me alot.. also chocolate supposedly (read along time ago... may be proved differently now) will help... because of the endorphins within it? i think it said... save for that... I personally give somebody a lift a hot bath beside my cup of coffee and a book to relax it usually works for me...
for my cramps I always purloin advil befor they start to lead them rotten. and I'm good.
I used to carry really bad cramps n my mother-in-law would donate me "manzanilla" which is chamomile tea n i would put a heat pack on my lower abdominal nouns. It helped me a great deal, hope it helps u!

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