Am i average?

Im like 5'4 and almost 12 what should be an average mass me?

you shount be stressing over your weight as long as your thriving, 5'4 is a pretty good height above sea level and you should keep it contained by the 100's but no more than after 140.
anywhere from 100-120 should be fine!
around 125 pounds, but you could easily verbs of 133 and still look good.
check beside youor doctr
100 to 120
Yes docs have charts for average weights for specific height. Either way you get a long time of growing yet to jump..even up to 20 yrs. old. Enjoy your teens and GL.
honour me i feel short as! im 15...5 foot 2 and i weight that desperate or wat. anyway i think u should be around 45-53kg. why wat do u weigh

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