( no distrustful answers please) should i be concerned if after sex im alot of discomfort?

when its over i feel approaching its a menstrual cramp and i feel really sore & i cant move my legs and lately i just dont savour as much?? ist this seroius?? or is it cuz i dont do it alot??

could be an std, get checked. Could be the type of birth control your on if any. It could also be nil and you just enjoy crappy luck. I suffer from pain too and be told that there be nothing wrong near me although my birth control could be causing it.
If you are inexperianced consequently it will hurt a little. As long as you do not hold any discharge (puss *not ****, blood etc) than I wouldn't worry roughly it
no its just that your partner is lately doing it to hard or you are just about to start ypur period or somehing.But i dont give attention to it nothing serious. That happen to me.
the cramps are common for some women but losing movement surrounded by your legs can be serious. you should definitely see your doctor more or less this.
maybe he pushing too unyielding, or maybe your have did it in wrong opening, well can't update exactly what happen to u, so u should run for doctor, there nil to be shame.
You should always be concerned if you aren't sure give or take a few what you're feeling after sex. That includes intercourse, oral sex and any other class of sexual contact.

Consult with a doctor roughly what you are feeling.
It might be zilch. But on the other hand it could be something.

If it is nought serious, a doctor might be able to aid you understand why you are idea this way. With empathy you might able to avoid the anguish and then commence enjoying sex.

The bottom chain is: never be embarrassed more or less what could be a health problem related to sex. Every concern you hold should be taken seriously because you never know, it just might be.
this is due to ;
1- cervisitis and treatment is single dose of candivast capsule-only one capsul
2-acute cysitis.oflosaxin 400mg tab per year
3-psychogenic causing spasm within ur pelvic muslecs,,,,,2mg valium tab for one month
with my best high regard
consultant surgeon-urogenital system
first u make your mind to sex. and examine the romantic movies or which you like as. later .enjoy.

oh my gosh! i enjoy the same exact problem! i cant believe theres other population out there close to me! i know exactly what you're talking something like. i never used to have this. it started close to a year ago. if we do it rough or for a long time, i get so sore it hurts to waddle. my vagina feels really creamy and sore. and sometimes i swell up and get these bulgy vein. and i also have a low sex drive, i chew over. anyway, best of luck

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