After one on birth control pills for almost a month and a partially, i've be ingestion constantly!?

im not even hungry, how can i break this habit since i gain weight? I already drink aLOT of dampen already.

You stop eating. It's that simple. You enjoy to realize that you only should drink when you're hungry and not eat when you 're not hungry, even if you want food. It's basically will-power, and no one can describe you how to have that.
I have the same problem when I be on birth control thats why I dont use it anymore. I recommend using a diaphram or reasearch other methods.
it's totally has zilch to do with the pills. the pill can explanation a very small freight gain b/c of the effect it has on your hormonal be a foil for, but even that is contested by masses doctors. it does not make you hungrier. only eat smaller amount.
idk, stop eating(only eat when your hungry)

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